The Canadian Urban Institute's (CUI) ongoing YU Ambassadors program continues to provide opportunities for local youth through civic leadership and skill-building. The program is now seeking a new cohort of ambassadors, who will focus on helping to host a series of workshops in neighbourhoods across Toronto in Spring and Fall 2017, covering the upcoming "TimelapseTO" initiative.

CUI Seeking 'YU Ambassadors' for TimelapseTO InitiativeToronto skyline, image by Hồng Tiến via Flickr

TimelapseTO aims to bring together youth from across the city to envision the future of their neighbourhoods. Five workshops will be hosted around the city in June and September, where participants will utilize large-scale maps and other aids to discover and discuss the planned and ongoing changes in their communities.

With little over a month remaining before the April 15th deadline for ambassador applications, the CUI is seeking young people between the ages of 18-24 to apply. In addition to working closely on the TimelapseTO initiative, Project YU ambassadors will also be given the opportunity to participate in a Civic Leadership Training Workshop.

Living up to the TimelapseTO name, a time lapse video from one of 2016's workshops provides some insight into how participants interact with the events' large-scale map visual.

Funded by Toronto Foundation and spearheaded by the Canadian Urban Institute, Project YU is a creative way to drive community engagement and knowledge about the city among youth.