We have been closely following the construction of the first phase at LJM DevelopmentsWaterview Condominiums in Grismby, providing in-depth coverage of the Icon Architects-designed development's 9-storey ascent and subsequent cladding installation. At the time of our last visit to the site in January, we touched upon the recent start of site activity for the project's next building, set to rise to the immediate east of phase 1. New renderings of the second building reflect that its initial plan for 9-storeys has been revised to 15 storeys, adding greater density and suites with even grander views to the waterfront development.

Waterview Condominiums, LJM Developments, Icon Architects, GrimsbyWaterview Condos (R), and phases 2 and 3 (L), image courtesy of LJM Developments

This second building is being marketed in two separate phases, with Waterview's second phase on levels 1 through 9, and the third phase—to be known as Tower Residences at Waterview—occupying levels 10 through 15. The Tower Residences will feature 48 units in a mix of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and penthouse suites. Combined with the 130 suites in the second phase, this building will contain a total of 178 units.

Waterview Condominiums, LJM Developments, Icon Architects, GrimsbyWaterview Condos, phases 2 and 3, image courtesy of LJM Developments

The 48 suites in Phase 3 will be housed in a terraced, rectilinear six-storey volume, extending on the exterior the design language of the initial phases. Unlike the first two phases, however—the interior is arranged differently. All of phase one and most of the phase two suites are arranged in a "single-loaded" layout, meaning that all of them are on the north side of the hallway so that they all face Lake Ontario. With phase three arranged perpendicularly, it is arranged in a more standard layout, or either side of the hall. Here, all suites will have lake views, half looking northwest, half looking northeast.

President of LJM Developments, Liaquat Mian, describes the development's single-loaded layout as “the first buildings of [their] kind in Canada. I say that because Phase I of Waterview is a one-sided or single-loaded building. All units are facing the water—they are close to the lake, so there are no condos on the other side. In Phase II, we followed a similar principle, but also allowed for a few boutique suites facing the beautiful Niagara Escarpment.”

Waterview Condominiums, LJM Developments, Icon Architects, GrimsbyWaterview Condos, phases 2 and 3, image courtesy of LJM Developments

While information about the project continues to materialize about this third phase, a launch date for the Tower Residences at Waterview has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 3rd 2017.

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