With the real estate market constantly evolving, aerial photography, through the use of drones, is the latest trend helping realtors set their listings apart. With relatively low costs, and quick execution, the benefits of including aerial photography and video to a listing can be easily seen from a marketing perspective. Aerial views can showcase not only the entirety of the lot itself, but proximity to desirable neighborhood features such as lakes, schools, etc. and really give a feel for the property that is often hard to capture through standard ground photography. On the commercial side, the technology offers even further advantages such as the ability to do pre-construction view photography, surveying, and mapping in a fraction of the time of traditional methods such as the use of blimps of helicopters.

International UAV (Drone) Show Takes Real Estate Industry to New Heights!International UAV Show, image courtesy of The Sky Guys

Although there are clear advantages, there are still a number of skeptics who are hesitant to adopt the new technology as they are uninformed about the possibilities, steps to adoption, and rules and regulations. In an attempt to fill in these gaps in knowledge, The Sky Guys, Canada’s leaders in drone services, are hosting Canada’s first ever International UAV Show in Toronto on December 6th and 7th. The conference will be dedicated to innovation through the use of drone technology and will serve as a useful educational platform for professionals in fields where drones and drone services are quickly being adopted.

International UAV (Drone) Show Takes Real Estate Industry to New Heights!Panel on innovation and entrepreneurship, image courtesy of The Sky Guys

Through the speaker series, and various panels, UAV show attendees will be able to learn about the various benefits drones can provide to businesses in all industries, as well as the current rules and regulations around implementation and adoption. Not only will the conference serve as an educational and networking opportunity, it will also be host to a number of fun additions such as the Drone Racing Cup Qualifying race and University challenges. As a highlight, The Sky Guys will also be unveiling their new groundbreaking drone technology, which will revolutionize data collection through the use of UAVs, and bring the applications of this rapidly growing industry to the next level.

Further information regarding the show, as well as links to registration can be found on the conference website at http://uavshow.ca.