The construction or renovation of a building you manage just ended. Do you have an idea how to approach the post-construction cleanup? It’s the last step in the arduous process and in the context of your building’s first impression, can also be the most important. Here are a few aspects related to post-construction cleanup you should know to give yourself peace of mind at the end of a long project:

 Managing Post-Construction CleanupConstruction worker on the job, image courtesy of Gold Standard Property Care

Aspects to Keep in Mind about Post-Construction Cleanup

The construction company only provides basic site cleaning, if any, and you need thoroughness and attention to detail, from waste removal and disposal to polishing frames and decorations.

For in-depth cleaning, the construction company will charge extra. If you’re going to pay additional costs you’ll want to ensure certain operations, such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, are handled by experienced professionals, which a construction crew will likely not be. 

Having your maintenance staff do the cleaning will not work, as they probably lack the tools, equipment, and supplies for such complex operations. Not to mention that getting them involved would affect their other responsibilities and cause additional costs to be incurred.

Time is of the essence and delaying the clean-up operations could affect the delivery of furnishings and finishes in the building. 

Quality cleanup is vital for the building’s curb appeal, as no one will notice the vivid colors, the durable materials, the exquisite design elements, or the quality finishes if there is a noticeable layer of dust.

The best way to manage this stage of running a building is to outsource, and several valuable reasons that justify this decision:

Main Benefits of Outsourcing Post-Construction Cleanup

You gain access to complex, in-depth quality services. From walls, moulding, windows, vents and air filters to carpets, upholstery, furniture, pipes and floors, every surface will be cleaned thoroughly and left spotless, emphasizing the building’s curb appeal.

You do not have to worry about cleaning equipment, tools, or supplies. Cleaning companies use state-of-the-art equipment and tools and the newest and most efficient cleaning products for every surface and material. 

You save money. Each day the building you manage is unused, you’re losing money; and paying your employees to do work they were not hired for will add additional strain to your budget as well. Add the costs of the cleaning equipment, tools and supply, and you begin to appreciate the prospect of hiring professional cleaning services at a fair price.

You save time and hassle. Professional cleaning teams are properly equipped and highly trained, experienced and organized, so they will take far less time than your employees to get the job done.

You lower risks. Inexperienced employees performing such complex tasks could cause damage to the building or themselves, and you (or your insurance) would be held liable. When you outsource, both the damages and any work accidents are the responsibility of the company (and their insurance) to which you contract the service to. 

Your best bet in managing post-construction cleanup is finding a reliable and efficient cleaning company. You probably left the construction and renos to the experts. Using pros to finish the job and clean-up as well will ensure that your project had the best people in place from start-to-finish.