This past Saturday, just a short distance east of the action at the Canadian National Exhibition, Canoe Landing Park at Concord CityPlace played host to hundreds of attendees at the third annual Cityfest. With thousands of residents now calling the master-planned community home, the event provided them with the opportunity to take pride in one of Toronto's newest neighbourhoods. 

The turf field, Concord CityPlace, Cityfest, image by Marcus MitanisThe turf field provided a canvas for several activities throughout the day, image by Marcus Mitanis

From 1 through 10 PM, guests were treated to live music from some of Toronto's top talent, including headliner Manzone & Strong.

Concord CityPlace, Cityfest, image by Marcus MitanisThe recently completed Quartz and Spectra overlook the crowd at Cityfest, image by Marcus Mitanis

Able to take in the sights and sounds from a 6,000 square foot Heineken beer garden, brought to the park by CityPlace's own Hunter's Landing bar, the cloud-free weather was the perfect backdrop to the event. 

The Heineken beer garden, Concord CityPlace, Cityfest, image by Marcus MitanisThe Heineken beer garden, image by Marcus Mitanis

There were plenty of other activities at Cityfest, including a Toronto Urban Collective-curated outdoor exhibition showcasing the works of Toronto crafters.

Canoe Landing Park Parade, Cityfest, Concord CityPlace, image by Marcus MitanisCanoe Landing Park from the Parade skybridge, image by Marcus Mitanis

The CityPlace Residents’ Association, UNITY Charity, and other local organizations came together to bring a range of activities, from yoga to frisbee, to the park's artificial turf. 

Concord CityPlace, Cityfest, image by Marcus MitanisCityPlace towers loom in the background as the sun sets on Cityfest, image by Marcus Mitanis

All of this was supplemented with a variety of food trucks which brought funnel cakes, poutine and other delicacies to the hungry throng of revellers. 

Fidel Gastro's, Concord CityPlace, Cityfest, image by Marcus MitanisFidel Gastro's was one of many food trucks on hand, image by Marcus Mitanis

Organizers were impressed with the turnout and hope that the event will become even larger in the future. With retailers and restaurants about to open at Quartz and Spectra condos, construction on Newton and Forward well under way, the recent announcement of Lake Shore Towers at West Block—a redevelopment of the Loblaws Groceteria Building at Bathurst and Lake Shore—and plans for sky scraping condos on the Block 22 site, plus two new schools and a community centre in the pipeline, Concord CityPlace is still very much an evolving community. 

Concord CityPlace, Cityfest, image by Marcus MitanisConcord CityPlace, image by Marcus Mitanis

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