The Bayview and Sheppard area of North York has been the site of much intensification since the opening of the Sheppard subway line back in 2002. Projects under construction and new proposals will continue this influx of reinvestment in the area into the future, with larger buildings that are better suited for areas close to subway stations replacing the mid-1900s suburban single family homes that typically line the streets here.

Teagarden Court is a short cul-de-sac running west off of Bayview, the second street north of Sheppard. Low-rise houses on surrounding lots have been redeveloped in recent years as the mid-rise Clairtrell and Jade Condominiums, and the City sees the eight 1960s-built homes on Teagarden as suitable for higher densities. Now, Phantom Developments is redeveloping the first three lots on the site as TeaGarden Condos.

Tea Garden Condos, Phantom Developments, Kirkor ArchitectsLocation of Teagarden Court, image retrieved from Apple Maps

TeaGarden Condos will be an 11-storey, 36-metre-tall building designed by Kirkor Architects containing 79 one-bedroom and 34 two-bedroom suites. Its location fronting Bayview Avenue means that it is just across the street from Loblaws and the 100 other shops and services of Bayview Village Shopping Centre, and the two-minute walk to Bayview Subway Station will also put this building on real estate radar.

Tea Garden Condos, Phantom Developments, Kirkor ArchitectsRendering of the TeaGarden Condos, image courtesy of Phantom Developments

We don't know much more about what's on offer in the development yet, but it is now taking registrations, so you can sign up to learn more about the project by following the "Request Info" link, included below. We look forward to sharing more details about TeaGarden Condos as new information about the project continues to emerge. For now, you can visit our dataBase file or Forum threads for the project to learn more.