GO Transit and Metrolinx are starting construction of its new Gormley GO train station. As a new terminus of the Richmond Hill GO line, the 7km extension is set to bring transit to northern Richmond Hill upon completion in 2016. The $20 million station, located on Stouffville Road just west of its interchange with the 404, will include 850 parking spots for commuters. Also included will be a station building, passenger pick up and drop off location, and a bus loop. 

Gormley, GO transit, train, Toronto, Richmond hill, extension, layoverRender of the new Gormley station, Image courtesy of Metrolinx

The extension project also includes an $85 million train layover yard to hold 6 trains overnight, located slightly further north at Bethesda sideroad. This improves GO transit service by providing more space to store their ever-expanding train fleet as well as allowing GO to stop deadheading, a practice of running an out of service train up the line from GO's primary yard in Mimico, to provide service in the opposite direction. This will allow for operational cost savings for GO, more possibilities for service expansion, and improved, more reliable service for GO transit users on the entire line. Work to construct the extension and GO train layover yard has also included the addition of a second track, to reduce conflict between GO trains and the busy CN freight rail line running parallel.

Gormley, GO transit, train, Toronto, Richmond hill, extension, layover2009 preliminary plan for the station, image courtesy of GO transit

The environmental assessment for the project, completed in 2009, included 3 additional stations further north at Bloomington Road, Vandorf Sideroad and Aurora Road, along with three additional layover yards. While these stations and yards are not currently funded, they will likely be constructed as demand warrants.

Gormley, GO transit, train, Toronto, Richmond hill, extension, layoverClose-up of the Gormley GO station building, image courtesy if Metrolinx

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