North York has exploded with construction activity lately, especially around the busy intersection of Yonge and Sheppard. A few kilometres north however, where highrises begin to transition to more suburban-like strip malls, change has lagged behind the rest of the city. Fortunately, Ghods Builders has a vision for a site just north of Yonge and Finch that will revitalize the area by bringing modern design to the neighbourhood. 

One of Ghods' most notable developments is Symphony Square near Yonge and Finch, which when constructed, was one of the only highrises in the immediate area. "We really emphasize the fact that we're in the community of North York and we've been here for several years," said Honey Ghods, daughter of founder Ghasem Ghods. "So we wanted to give back to the community and embrace our surroundings."

5959 Yonge Street Condos North York, designed by Kirkor Architects for Ghods Builders5959 Yonge Street, designed by Kirkor Architects for Ghods Builders

Now Ghods Builders is looking at making an impact just a few short minutes from the Finch subway station. Their newest development will be located at 5959 Yonge Street at a site formerly occupied by a car dealership. "This area hasn't been developed as much as other areas," said Honey Ghods. "We looked at sites all across North York and realized there is such great potential to build a new community in this area. But with that, we not only want to bring in a new community but embrace the existing community." 

The project, designed by Kirkor Architects, features two towers at 43 and 31 storeys. The ground floor will be lined with retail along Yonge and accented by a modern and warm entryway.

Approximately 40,000 square feet of amenity space is included in the tower, about half of which will be located outdoors. The vast amount of space includes a bowling alley, media centre, lounge, movie theatre, reflecting pool, and yoga studio, all designed to ensure residents do not have to leave the building seeking entertainment options. A Sky Atrium and Chai Room located on the 32nd floor of the 43-storey tower will ensure that all residents have a view of the city whenever they like. "It's very green, it's very welcoming, it's very zen-like," said Ghods. "It doesn't necessarily have to be quiet like a library but it doesn't have to have the hustle and bustle of the street."

32nd floor amenities include a Sky Atrium and Chai Room at 5959 Yonge, image cou32nd floor amenities include a Sky Atrium and Chai Room at 5959 Yonge, image courtesy of Ghods Builders

5959 Yonge will also be home to a multi-sport LED court, which has never been installed in a condominium anywhere in the world before. The LED court swaps traditional painted lines for under-the-floor lighting which adapts the playing surface for a variety of sports, including basketball, squash and soccer. The technology has proven to be popular in European public courts and will no doubt become a fantastic space in 5959 Yonge. 

Suites start at 500 square feet and are designed as efficiently as possible to ensure no space is wasted. Each suite will also include a safe deposit box for residents to store their valuables. "We try to think of everything," said Ms. Ghods. Ghods says that because the business is family-owned and operated, that lends certain advantages to purchasers. "At the end of the day, we're never going to sell you anything that we wouldn't buy ourselves. We're not here to build in bulk and say goodbye. This is your home, this is your biggest investment, and we appreciate and acknowledge that." 

The presentation centre for 5959 Yonge will be completed soon, and construction is estimated to begin late 2015. 

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