Towards the end of 2013, we took a look at the various construction webcam feeds broadcasting up-to-date images of construction sites across the web. Many months later, it's time for an update as many of the same webcams plus a collection of new live feeds are giving us a constant stream of new images showing the growth of construction projects. We include some images from yesterday and today below, but to get the latest from any of these cameras, click on the blue links which appear in the story.

Along Yonge Street in Downtown we know of three webcams, all of which picture some of the most closely followed projects on UrbanToronto. From south to north they are Brookfield's Bay Adelaide Centre East, the new Ryerson Student Learning Centre at Gould Street, and Canderel's Aura at College Park, pictured below.

Toronto construction webcamsStill from the Aura webcam

Close by, the Entertainment District is still abuzz with construction activity, and a live feed showing the growing neighbourhood skyline has been in place for well over a year.

Toronto construction webcamsStill from the Entertainment District webcam

With such a high concentration of development in Toronto's Downtown, it should come as no surprise that the area's power infrastructure is getting some attention. To meet the growing demand for electricity in the core, construction is well under way on the new Copeland Transformer Station, and you can follow along with the progress by checking out the webcam. Of even more interest is this camera's time lapse feature, which allows you to view a video showing the projects progress since day one.

Toronto construction webcamsStill from the Copeland Transformer Station webcam

Further to the south, Waterfront Toronto has webcams covering Queen's Quay Boulevard facing both east and west, providing views of the ongoing revitalization of the waterfront boulevard, plus another webcam overlooking the Bayside development at Queen's Quay and Sherbourne. Below is the view looking east from the Radisson Admiral Hotel across the Simcoe Wave Deck and beyond.

Toronto construction webcamsStill from the Queens Quay webcam

The Pan Am Games are just around the corner, and the West Don Lands is growing quickly. Developer DundeeKilmer has four webcams set up watching over the development of the West Don Lands, which is looking less like a construction site and more like a neighbourhood each day. The camera below looks east from the Pure Spirits condo tower in the Distillery District.

Toronto construction webcamsStill from the West Don Lands webcam

Developer Tridel has a pretty good understanding of the general public's thirst for knowledge, and they are known for installing live feed webcams covering most of their construction sites. Tridel projects with current live streams include ArgentoAtriaOne & Two Old Mill and Ten York. That's a southerly view of Argento below, with Don Mills Road behind it.

Toronto construction webcamsStill from the Argento webcam

Check out the associated dataBase files below for more information about the projects mentioned in this article. Did we miss one of your favourite construction webcams? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section provided at the bottom of this page.