Development in Scarborough has been something of a hot topic of late with what seemed like an endless tug-of-war over the future of public transit in the northeastern corner of the former city. By contrast, the Lash Group of Companies has been quietly progressing with their own ambitious project in Scarborough, ME Condominiums, by taking a distinctly co-operative approach to the development process.  

ME Condos, Toronto, Lash Group of Companies, Turner Fleisher ArchitectsRendering of ME Condos from above, courtesy of Lash Group

With a history of reaching out to local councillors and residents, the Lash Group worked closely with Ward 38 Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker to design a project that would mesh with the overall plan for the Markham Road and Ellesmere location. This will include improvements at the Centennial Recreation Centre on Ellesmere, as well as a public park adjacent to the site to be built by Lash and featuring an outdoor adult fitness circuit, picnic area and splash pad. Lash also responded to public concerns about the proposed height of the two largest towers, scaling them back from 32 storeys to 24. A nine-storey building in the original plan was changed to 38 town homes to improve the transition between nearby single-family dwellings and the towers. One of the two low rise buildings on the site, a 16-storey building on the northeast corner, will be devoted to rental units. Another 12-storey condo building on the southeast corner rounds out the completed project. 

ME Condos, Toronto, Lash Group of Companies, Turner Fleisher ArchitectsInterior rendering of ME Condos' lobby, courtesy of Lash Group

Another welcome addition to the area will be new retail space on the ground floor of the podium along Markham Road. Though the Scarborough Town Centre is the closest major shopping hub, it’s still a car trip away. The new shops will offer some additional quality retail opportunities to the neighbourhood, bringing more life to the street and enhancing the sense of community.

ME Condos, Toronto, Lash Group of Companies, Turner Fleisher ArchitectsRendering of ME Condos' retail along Markham Rd, courtesy of Lash Group

Of course, Lash hasn't only focused on establishing good relations with the surrounding community. With Turner Fleisher Architects handling the exterior design and Tanner Hill & Associates handling the interior, they have put just as much effort into assuring that ME provides the same kind of features and amenities that appeal to buyers in comparable developments downtown.

ME Condos, Toronto, Lash Group of Companies, Turner Fleisher ArchitectsExterior rendering of ME Condos' outdoor pool, courtesy of Lash Group

These include a grand designer-inspired lobby coloured glass water feature, sports lounge, Hollywood style theatre, rooftop swimming pool and guest suites. The tree lined courtyard at the centre of the site features a pond that will become a skating rink in the winter. 

ME Condos, Toronto, Lash Group of Companies, Turner Fleisher ArchitectsRendering of a pond near the entrance to ME Condos, courtesy of Lash Group

A project like this is sure to inject some new energy into this area of Scarborough. It will offer a lifestyle option most often associated with downtown living to people already in the neighbourhood and newcomers alike.

If you want more information, click on our ME Living Condos dataBase file, linked below. If you want to talk about the project, you can get in on the conversation in one of the associated Forum threads, or add you comment in the space provided on this page.