New living spaces may be coming to Bathurst north of Queen in the future, if a development proposal is approved for 219 and 221 Bathurst Street. York West Developments has filed for amendments to Toronto's Official Plan and the Zoning By-Law in order to permit the development of a nine-storey mixed use building on the site.

219 Bathurst Street, Toronto, development proposalCurrent site at 219 and 221 Bathurst Street, image by Red Mars

The lowest two floors would be commercial space, while the seven storeys above would be made up of 28 residential units. The architect of the proposed project is Ferdinand Wagner; a rendering of his design can be seen on the bulletin posted below.

219 Bathurst Street, Toronto, development proposal219 Bathurst development proposal, image by Red Mars

219 Bathurst development proposal, TorontoDetail of 219 Bathurst development proposal

The image above shows a ten storey building, presumably rendered before the proposal was shortened by a floor. No clearer rendering of the proposed building has yet been released, and no name for the project has been announced at this time. City Planner Graig Uens expects to organize a community meeting on the proposal in the early Fall. Further information on the proposal will be released at that time.

We will keep an eye on this development proposal, so stay tuned as the process unfolds. In the meantime, feel free to join in on the discussion in our Forum, or leave a comment in the space provided below.