Liberty Village—a neighbourhood currently undergoing plenty of development courtesy of the CanAlfa Group and others—is bustling with rising towers and construction crews hard at work as they make brand new condos a reality. The Liberty Place condos are one of the growing CanAlfa projects making their way to Liberty Village and recent photos show the steady progress being made. 

Liberty Place, Liberty Village, TorontoLiberty Place condos rendered from the west, image by IBI Group Architects for CanAlfa

Liberty Place, Liberty Village, TorontoSouth side of Liberty Place condos, image courtesy of Watercondos

Liberty Place condos are to be 32 storeys in height and hold 493 suites, including 3 two-level lofts on each floor. Replete with plentiful amenities and features for residents, Liberty Place condos are also putting Liberty Village on the skyline for the city, the tallest building in the area. Stepping away from the typical all glass condominiums seen today, the red brickwork seen prominently around the building's base and as accents on the higher floors reflects the area's vernacular: bricks are the essence of Liberty Village.

Liberty Place, Liberty Village, TorontoNorth side of Liberty Place condos, image by Craig White

There are a few unique aspects of the building's architecture, one of which is the every-third-floor pattern seen on the north side of the building above, while the south side features a balcony pattern which repeats every two floors. 

Liberty Place, Liberty Village, TorontoLiberty Place condos from the southeast, image by Craig White

The double-height loft suites mentioned above cab be seen here with glazing going in.

Liberty Place, Liberty Village, TorontoLiberty Place condos, image by Craig White

The building is soon to top off. Interior completion will take many more months, with move-ins expected mid-2014.

Check back with us for future updates on the development. For more information on and several renderings of Liberty Place, check out our dataBase page for it, linked below. If you want to have your say, join in on the discussion in the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.