One of our main focuses here at UrbanToronto is reporting on construction projects throughout the city, and when it comes to the Ivory on Adelaide condos we lucked out: we get to witness its progress right under our noses as it's rising just outside our windows! Today we have shots of the construction crew hard at work as a floor slab is poured.

Ivory on AdelaideConstruction of Ivory on Adelaide condos: bucket of concrete incoming, image by Craig White

In this series of shots you can simply watch a delivery of concrete to a crew who smooth it all out, with an earlier section being finished just beside it.

Ivory on AdelaideConcrete bucket starting to pour, image by Craig White

Ivory on AdelaideConcrete pur on fully at Ivory on Adelaide, image by Craig White

Ivory on AdelaideBucket empty and gone, construction crew hard at work evening it out, image by Craig White

The growing building has risen well above street level, and is currently on its third storey. There are still plenty more levels to be built of this Plaza development, but we are already anticipating missing the acitivity outside the UrbanToronto offices soon enough.

Ivory on AdelaideIvory on Adelaide's 3rd storey, image by Craig White

For more details on these Hariri Pontarini Architects-designed condos, check out our dataBase page linked below, and choose one of the linked Forum threads to get in on the discussion! You can always leave a comment on this page of course.