Anyone who has ever sat on the board at a condominium knows that responsibilities in record-keeping and operations have increased significantly in the last decade: as with the way everything else is going, it seems that it is getting more complicated to run a condo. Filling that increasing need, new tools are emerging to help condo management deal with the demands of running a building. One of those tools comes from Toronto-based Condo Control Central, a relatively new company that has created an online system for condominium management. The company was founded in 2008 by Brian Bosscher, a former software developer for a major canadian bank, who discovered major inefficiencies when he joined his condo board in 2006. Condo Crontrol Central is offering security and efficiency with their online administrative tools. "We're replacing a whole bunch of email and Excel sheets scattered on different computers" says Bosscher, "and it's all online, so if the office computer dies you don't lose all of your stuff."

Condo Control CentralCondo Control Central modules and applications.

Security and efficiency are not the only benefits to having software that is designed specifically for condo administration. The site provides an easy way to communicate with residents. Important notices can be sent to all residents with one click, and they include a button that allows residents to acknowledge the messages. This means that the condo administration can save time and paper by only sliding notices under the doors of people who still require paper documents.

Condo Control CentralPaperless Delivery, image Condo Contro Central

Bosscher recounts a story about a time when a condo had its parking garage flood, ruining the hydro control substation. "The building was evacuated, and our system has been used to keep the residents updated." It is a point of pride for him that the software has been used to help ease residents through a difficult time. 

Since the launch of the website in 2008, Condo Control Central has rolled out multiple improvements including a maintenance module, online status certificates, amenity booking, and a security and concierge module. Coming up this Spring the site is looking to launch a Condo Control Marketplace. This feature is going to make it easy and fast to procure quotes for simple necessities like carpet cleaning or painting. Like everything in the package, these new features are geared toward efficiency with the intention that they will save time and money for administrators and ultimately the building's residents.