Then. Cullen Country Barns, the postcard. Let's say circa 1980-ish. This was a gift shop, restaurant and entertainment complex demolished 1994-ish.

Cullen Country Barns, Toronto, circa 1980

The video:

Now. August 2012. Pacific Mall.

Yes, it's Chinese-themed. I can't even bring myself to say Asian, as it is thoroughly and completely Chinese/Hong Kong flavoured.

If you haven't been, it's worth a visit. You'll find interesting shops selling fashions, cell phones, jewelery, eyeglasses :>, wristwatches (a wristwatch selection that you won't find anywhere this side of Asia) and a couple of grocery supermarkets. The supermarkets have 'hot tables' — prepared food. Get yourself a soy-flavoured drumstick with back attached for about $1.25, take it home, boil up some rice and you are good to go.

The food court upstairs is reasonably priced and worthwhile. Don't go on a Saturday or Sunday if you expect a seat in the food court.

Pacific Mall, Toronto, 2012

To be helpful, here are directions.