Even as Torontonians focus more on future LRT and subway possibilities, we should not forget that we are actually building new subway stations right now, six brand new ones to be exact. While they won't be open for another three years, the TTC has just released a very informative video detailing the exact goings on underground in its new subway tunnels, which are currently pushing their way through North York and on into Vaughn. This short film stars the aptly named Holey and Moley, tunnel boring machines which certainly have improved upon the digging technolgy used in the early days of Toronto subway construction.

Spadina Subway ExtensionSpadina Subway Extension

The video, which documents construction on the 1.2 km stretch between Dowsview Park and Sheppard West (currently called Downsview) stations is fairly self explanitory but the real highlight is having a goverment agency giving us such an easily accesible and informative way of seeing how our money is being spent.

With the recent resurrection of Transit City, new customer service initaitives including a whole slew of up-to-date info on the subway construction, and the renewed discussion of the Downtown Relief Line, the TTC which has not nescessarily had the best approval rating in the past few years seems to be slowly but surely making some good headway in becoming the forward thinking transit agency we all want them to be.