The northwest corner of Elm and University down through the years.

On the left: Erskine Presbyterian Church [Built 1878, architect E. J. Lennox.  Demolished?]. Lennox was only 24 when he received the commission to do this. On the right: McCaul Public School. Note the traffic control bollards — to funnel the traffic into one lane.

Erskine Presbyterian Church, University and Elm streets, Toronto, built 1878

It's 1958 now. You'll have to look at the right side of the picture for the location of our now-gone church and school. Mount Sinai Hospital's Emergency Department can be glimpsed.

University and Elm Streets, Toronto, 1958

January 21, 2013. It's still Mount Sinai Hospital, but has been modernized.

Northwest corner University and Elm Streets, Toronto, 2013