UrbanToronto's readership comes from a diverse cross-section of society, but most readers would be happy to be labeled as architecture buffs or enthusiasts, if they are not already architecture professionals that is! For those without a degree or two in architecture but who have an abiding interest, there are many opportunities in Toronto to further one's knowledge of the field. A visit to the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies' page for Architecture and Visual Arts courses presents the viewer with many options to choose from in the upcoming months including everything from Architectural Treasures of Italy, Great Houses of England and Scotland, Chicago Skyscrapers, to Neighbourhood Architecture in Toronto. The courses typically run once a week for several weeks and run in to $200 to $300 range.

Another option that may appeal to UrbanToronto readers is The Art of 20th Century Architecture to be given at the Women's Art Association of Canada on Prince Arthur Avenue near St. George subway station. (No need to be female to attend!) The seven-part illustrated lecture series is led by Ted Scott, a US and Japan-trained architect who has lectured at the AGO and at the U of T in both architecture and photography. Mr. Scott also leads art and architecture group tours in France, Italy, and Japan. Mr. Scott's Art of 20th Century Architecture will take participants on a history course that starts in the early 1900s and which then explores architectural movements from across the world that have shaped the buildings we see going up around us today.

The lectures will take place on Mondays starting January 7 and running to February 18, from 1 to 3 PM, and they can be attended on a individual basis. They are $25 each and refreshments are provided. Mr. Scott's lectures will start with one focused on the basics: Why Buildings Don't Fall, and Basic Structure.

A natural arch, to be considered with "Why Buildings Don't Fall; Basic StructureA natural arch, to be considered with "Why Buildings Don't Fall; Basic Structure", image by Ted Scott

In the second lecture he moves on to Antoni Gaudi and Baroque Style. The third lecture covers The Bauhaus, New Materials, and New Vision.

Inside Casa Batllo, Barcelona, by Antoni Gaudi, image by Ted ScottInside Casa Batllo, Barcelona, by Antoni Gaudi, image by Ted Scott

The fourth lecture considers Mid-Century Skyscrapers. The fifth lecture delves into Mid-Century Sculptural Buildings. The sixth lecture looks at The New Architecture; Shock and Awe.

Grande Arche de La Défense, Paris, image by Ted ScottGrande Arche de La Défense, Paris, image by Ted Scott

The last lecture explores Canadian Symbols at Home and Abroad. The series promises to be a fascinating overview for anyone wishing to extend their knowledge of the built world around us.

Series overview

No need to call ahead; just show up!