Rescuing the conservative brand; Condos at the Masonic Temple?; Rethinking the Megacity; Myth of a divided Toronto and more news. Here are today's headlines. 

Royson James: It’s time for conservatives to rescue the brand (Toronto Star)

Top parking officer single-handedly fined Toronto drivers nearly $4 million in five years (Toronto Star)

Masonic Temple: Heritage property a tough site for condos, experts say (Toronto Star)

For GO’s monthly pass users, resistance to Presto is futile (Toronto Star)

Time to rethink the Toronto megacity (Globe & Mail)

Parking garage infrastructure to keep Ontario on the GO (Globe & Mail)

The known unknowns of Rob Ford’s near future (Globe & Mail)

How to get a grip on swelling police budgets (

KEN GREENBERG: The debilitating myth of a divided Toronto (Spacing)