First Capital Realty is holding a second public meeting concerning the redevelopment of Humbertown Plaza meeting this evening. The meeting will be held at Martin Grove Collegiate at Martin Grove Road and Eglinton Avenue West.

As we outlined in our coverage of the first Humbertown meeting on September 11, the Humber Valley Village Residents Association has rallyed members with an anti-redevelopment campaign laced with misinformation and fear-mongering. Resident members were told that attendance at the first meeting was 'mandatory' and as a result, the venue was packed far beyond capacity. This week, the HVVRA are complicating requests by the City and First Capital Realty to give precedence to those who were unable to attend the last meeting and have again told residents that attendance at this meeting is 'mandatory.' The meeting will not present new information, but is meant to give those who were not able to make it into the auditorium at the first meeting to attend this time.

Public plaza in First Capital Realty's Humbertown,image courtesy of Urban StratePublic plaza at the heart of First Capital Realty's redevelopment of Humbertown Plaza, image courtesy of Urban Strategies

While UrbanToronto appreciates the HVVRA's interest in preserving the character of their neighbourhood, we believe that a less aggressive approach to public discourse would lead to a more informed plan and a better result for Humbertown overall. We are therefore encouraging anyone interested in the outcome here to attend the meeting tonight and to speak your mind too. The HVVRA's autocratic voice should not be the only one heard in the conversation. UrbanToronto is all for good planning and constructive discussion, not shouting contests. Let's have something good come from this.

Martin Grove Collegiate Institute, se corner of Martin Grove Road and Eglinton Avenue West

October 18, 2012

Open House 6:30pm

Presentation: 7:00-9:00pm