Our city’s built form takes a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. While the past decade has been defined by skyscraping glass towers it would seem as through we are beginning to see more variety in those buildings being erected throughout the core. While challenging to create a truly innovative high-rise on a "modest" budget, we are seeing unprecedented designs coming forward in the mid-rise category. One such building is 12 Degrees; developed by BSaR Group of Companies / Prince Bay Developments, the 11-storey condominium is - after some delay -breaking ground on Beverley Street just north of Queen.

12 Degrees condo in Toronto by BSaR Group with Core ArchitectsSite photo from August 1 for 12 Degrees, image by forum member nicetommy

Forum member nicetommy found a great vantage from which we hope to have future construction updates on the project from – you can see in the image above that bulldozers are clearing all vegetation from the site to prepare for excavation. The project’s innovative design comes from Core Architects, who slightly offset sections of the façade by 12 degrees, resulting in an angular structure that is anything but average.

12 Degrees condo in Toronto by BSaR Group with Core ArchitectsProject rendering for 12 Degrees, image courtesy of BSaR Group

While the renderings of 12 Degrees most certainly impress, we’ll hold our final judgment for when the building is complete, and hope to see the structure pictured above become reality. You can find all of the project renderings and floor plans on the database listing below, or keep an eye on the associated thread for member’s photos and to join the discussion.