There exists a small window in which light cast by the setting sun creates, however briefly, an ideal city. Dubbed the magic hour, the legions of glass towers take in the warm tones of the sun and reflect back a perfected version of themselves. Captured by Forum member yonderbean, this photo shows the participants in this process at the corner of King and Spadina.

An evening view of King West condos, Toronto.(l-r) Great Gulf Homes' Hudson & Charlie condos, Lifetime Developments and TAS Design Build's M5V and Daniels' Cinema tower under construction.

Nearing completion, the largest member of this cluster is Great Gulf Homes' Charlie Condos. Designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects, construction on the 36-storey building will be completed by year's end. For more information on the developments in this area, take a look at our dataBase entries below.