Amidst the constant fluctuations we continue to witness regarding the future of transit development in Toronto, it's reassuring to see construction is successfully moving ahead on the extension of the Yonge-University-Spadina line north towards Vaughan. The project has made headlines for having broken through the headwall at the future Finch West Station. The appropriately-named TBM (tunnel-boring machine) Moley caught up to its partner-in-crime Holey as seen in the image below.

TTC Subway Extension by the TTC in TorontoHoley and Moley twin tunnels at Keele and Finch, image courtesy of TTC

Having created the twin tunnels between Sheppard West and Finch West Stations, the TBM's will be moved south, to connect the tunnel to Downsview Station. The second couple, Yorkie and Thorkie, are currently boring away below York University campus, connecting the Steeles West Station to the York University Station.

TTC Subway Extension by the TTC in TorontoMap of TTC YUS Line Extension, map by MapMobility Corp., image courtesy of the TTC

Construction on the new line is expected to be complete by December 2015. The full breakdown of the schedule as well as construction status can be found on the TTC's website for the project. When complete, the new line will take a huge burden off of Downsview Station, connecting York University to the subway system and making a direct link between Toronto and the expanding Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, a growing urban centre which reported nearly $1 billion worth of building permits in 2011, half of which ($541 million) was composed of residential developments.