Today's Photo of the Day feature comes to us from UrbanToronto Forum member lucci who dared to hang ten atop One King West Hotel and Residences. Just the sight of lucci's foot peering out over Commerce Court gives me the spins and gives pause for thought: fame on UrbanToronto is indeed highly prized but probably not worth this level of risk.

One King West Hotel & Residences, Stinson Properties, Stanford Downey ArchitectsCommerce Court as seen from One King West, image  by lucci

One King West Hotel and Residences, which was developed by Stinson Properties and designed by Stanford Downey Architects, was completed back in 2005. lucci has several other photos from his trip atop the building, to view them or to check out other stunning images, check out the photos page on the UrbanToronto Forums here.