We're nearing the 50th anniversary of Nathan Phillips Square (coinciding with the 2015 PanAm Games), yet most Torontonians are still confused about one of its most prominent design features. The elevated walkway that wraps around the public square has been opened and closed so often that most of us have become immune to its existence, barely giving it a second thought while passing under the bridge that crosses Queen Street, connecting it to the Sheraton Hotel. Even when open, the path offers little in the way to do, unless you want to capture great photographs of the surrounding district, as Forum member RC8 has below.

Nathan Phillips Square Revitilization in Toronto Nathan Phillips Square, image courtesy of RC8

Originally intended to act as a path that would shepherd V.I.P.'s and visitors over Queen Street to City Hall from the hotel and act as a framing device for the square, the walkway has been intermittently closed due to lack of maintanance for a number of years. The revitilization of Nathan Phillips Square includes extensive work on the walkway -  the installation of planters, light wells and benches will no doubt brighten up and enliven the structure.