Revised plans for Camrost-Felcorp's Yorkville Plaza have been listed on the City of Toronto's planning page for 21 Avenue Road, including renderings that reveal not one but two new buildings that will be joining the iconic tower that was formerly the home of the Four Seasons Hotel. Forum member Travis has brought the renderings to our attention, and we're passing them on to you.

The New Residences of Yorkville Plaza, 21 Avenue Road, Toronto, Camrost-FelcorpEarly rendering for podium of south tower, courtesy of Camrost-Felcorp

We've known for some time now that Camrost-Felcorp was planning additional buildings to the Yorkville Plaza development. Official planning documents indicated a short building on Yorkville with a substantial tower on Avenue, while early project renderings contained mysterious rays of light shooting skyward from the Avenue Road retail podium (which was also conveniently missing a roof). This was confirmed during a community meeting held earlier this year.

The New Residences of Yorkville Plaza, 21 Avenue Road, Toronto, Camrost-FelcorpYorkville Avenue building at Yorkville Plaza, courtesy of Camrost-Felcorp

The ten-storey building on Yorkville Avenue breaks from its Brutalist neighbour, creating an interesting juxtaposition of architectural styles; the upper seven storeys are extensively clad in glass, contained within an abstract framework where windows protrude and recess, opening onto landscaped terraces. The design is extremely similar to 155 Cumberland, the much-admired boutique condominium perched atop a mid-rise office tower.

The New Residences of Yorkville Plaza, 21 Avenue Road, Toronto, Camrost-FelcorpSouth tower on Avenue Road at Yorkville Plaza, courtesy of Camrost-Felcorp

The Avenue Road tower's rendering may not be as jazzy, however it still provides us with a clear idea of what project architects WZMH have in mind. The 39-storey tower is definitively modern, its dominant feature being a thick border outlining vertical portions of the east and west façades, starting on the fifth floor and running up to the penthouse. The north and south façades are relatively unremarkable, save for a reversal of fenestration and balconies on the north side that begins on the 31st floor once the south tower rises above the north one. This reversal does not appear to be repeated on the south façade.

The New Residences of Yorkville Plaza, 21 Avenue Road, Toronto, Camrost-FelcorpRetail podium of south tower at Yorkville Plaza, courtesy of Camrost-Felcorp

Purchasers of phase one (the current building on-site) who were hoping for a southern view are sure to be disappointed upon hearing this news (the same goes for those looking north), however those who have held back in anticipation — or hesitation — will no doubt be quick to pounce on these units if they are approved. Camrost-Felcorp has a winning model in Yorkville Plaza; phase one appeals to those wishing to connect with the old Four Seasons, the shorter building on Yorkville will intimately connect residents with the street, while the south tower will provide views over the low-rise neighbourhoods that surround Yorkville.

We'll no doubt see quite the reaction to these new additions; check out the project forum here to join the conversation, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.