An application has been submitted to restore and develop the heritage property at 89-109 Niagara Street — historically known as the Coffin Factory — just north of the railroad at Bathurst. According to the application, the project would retain and reuse the mixed-use historic properties on Niagara Street, which were built between 1871 and 1886, and develop two residential towers on the southern portion of the site. The towers would be 15 and 19 storeys high and would share an open quad with the heritage buildings.

89-109 Niagara Street is being developed by Jerudan Devs and Bernard Watts.Early Rendering for the redevelopment at 89-109 Niagara Street

The National Casket Company, which owns 89-101 Niagara Street, will secure funding for the restoration of their property in exchange for the development of the residential towers in the back. If the application is approved, the parking lot which currently occupies the site for the towers would be moved underground to provide for 250 vehicles. Additionally, it has been suggested that an access road connecting Bathurst to the new development replace the alleyway which runs behind the Victorian rowhouses.

Jerudan Developments and architect Bernard Watt have released some images and plans for the proposed development. These can be viewed with the application proposal (pdf) online here. For all the latest information on the redevelopment at 89-109 Niagara Street, or to voice your own opinion, visit the UrbanToronto Forum page here.