Optimistic, energetic and bold, urban planning in the post-war period was about the creation of a new way to live. Cities would be freed from the restrictions of their ageing form and reconstructed to embrace light, open space and efficiency. To speed the citizens of this radiant new city across their ever-expanding urban frontier, massive investments in infrastructure were needed. Faith in the future and the excitement it generated led to a celebration of parts of the city we would now consider mundane. Sourced by Forum member thecharioteer, this photo is actually a postcard from the early 1970s. Looking west toward the intersection of Highway 401 and Allen Road, there once was a time when we drew enough pride from a highway to place it on a postcard. Remarkable, too, is how empty the highway seems. Maybe if traffic flowed as easily now as it did then, we might rediscover that excitement.

Highway 401 & Allen Road, sourced by Forum member thecharioteer.

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