Then: Wilson Avenue, circa 1967 (judging from the cars).

The Beverly Hills Motor Hotel.  

That name... trying to evoke the Los Angeles/Hollywood sensibility of that age. A warm golden sunset casting its long rays over an aquamarine swimming pool; leisured and glamourous couples lolling about speaking in quiet, confident murmurs; unescorted, red-lipsticked starlets their eyes flashing behind Rayban Clubmasters; suicide door-ed Lincoln Continentals outside parked by pillbox-capped white-gloved valets.

OK, I'll stop.

Then *bam*, it hits you as you leave; it's still Wilson Avenue.  :)

The Beverly Hills Motor Hotel, Wilson Avenue, Toronto, circa 1967

Now.  September 2011.  That sign is a real loss, I love the "atomic" thing going on top. I wonder if the Pagoda Coffee House has been renovated out of existence?

Days Hotel, Wilson Avenue, Toronto, 2011