Captured by Forum member 416, this beautiful photo shows the morning sun rising as the fog retreats from the city. Although we are fortunate to have an abundance of excellent skyline shots, it's rare to see one that captures the city in such an interesting and unexpected light. Taken from what we believe is Waterpark City, the lake almost seems to be seeping into the city, blurring the division between land and water. This persective also provides a perfect vantage point to witness the furious pace of construction contributing to the ever-expanding thicket of downtown towers. Albeit not as recent as some of our other skyline shots, work on Parade, KPMB's Block 23 Development in Cityplace, Library District Condos and Shangri-La can all be clearly seen.

Skyline of downtown Toronto viewed from the westInteresting in learning about these projects? Check out each project's dataBase listing below for detailed info.