Skyline International Development's CEO is stepping out of the boardroom and into the stables for the new W Network series Undercover Boss Canada. Michael Sneyd, the man behind the wheel of such projects as the King Edward Private Residences, Port Mcnicoll Resort Village & Yacht Club and Horseshoe Resort & Village will get to experience just how difficult it can be dealing with the high pressure and fast paced environment of resort and hotel services.

Skyline International Development CEO Michael Snyed, photo courtesy of W NetworkSkyline International Development CEO Michael Snyed, photo courtesy of W Network

The show will see Sneyd working at Skyline's Horseshoe Resort in Barrie and Deerhurst Resort in Muskoka, waiting tables, making snow for the hills and even hauling hay for the horses. For anyone whose seen the show you can bet he'll be donning a — somewhat — disguising costume, although from the few episodes I've seen it looks like the makeup team might need some help with the application of the faux-moustaches they're so keen on using.

Deerhurst Resort and Village in Huntsville by Skyline International and Hicks Deerhurst Resort and Village, image courtesy of Skyline International

While the show purports to attempt to create a stronger bond behind the suits and the workers, its value lies in bringing the management down a notch, and realizing the real effort the often ignored and unseen employees invest into the company. Looking back on the experience, Sneyd commented:

"To be successful in our business, we have to create partnerships with our employees, guests and owners. That won’t change no matter how many high-tech tools we embrace. What has changed significantly is the business of hospitality."

Whether you want to see the behind the scenes of some of the more exclusive resort communities around the GTA, or just want to get a kick out of seeing a high rolling executive get down and dirty, you can check out Undercover Boss Canada on the W Network on March 29 at 9 PM.