At the sixth edition of Luminato this June a new tradition will be inaugurated when David Pecaut Square at Metro Hall is transformed by an art and architecture installation. 'Windscape' is by Diamond Schmitt Architects in collaboration with artist Mitchell F. Chan, and it will bring colour, movement, and a more intimate setting to Luminato's home stage.

This year's festival, running June 8 to 17, returns to make its central hub at the square renamed last year after David Pecaut, the late visionary co-founder of Luminato. Throughout the festival the square will be the place for free concerts from an worldwide slate of artists, covering a vast array of genres and styles. To focus attention on the spectrum of free programming there, Diamond Schmitt's team of architects including Jack Diamond, Michael Leckman, Brad Hindson, and Marcin Sztaba are arranging the square's offerings amongst a field of flying orange animatronic windsocks and an emcompassing giant blue fluttering ribbon, 100 metres long and 6 metres high.

Windscape, an installation by Diamond Schmitt Architects for Luminato in Toronto

“Windscape is the first in hopefully a long series of annual designs for the Luminato Hub, realized by leading architects of our time,”said Jorn Weisbrodt, Artistic Director of Luminato. “It aims to re-think and transform public space and the way the citizens of Toronto perceive their city. It is the embodiment of the festival as a fifth season, the short but impactful blossoming of seeing the city in a different light, and congregating to share emotions, music and each other.”

Windscape takes the breeze that blows through the city and likens it to Luminato's central force: an artistic wind that sweeps through the city. Similar to Luminato's art, some of its wind will be manmade: the Diamond Schmitt/Chan windsocks will be programmable, interactive sculptures which will swivel and rotate, swell and deflate, modulate colour and intensity in response to live music. The result is an ever-changing choreography of colour and light.

Windscape, an installation by Diamond Schmitt Architects for Luminato in Toronto

"Windscape will enliven David Pecaut Square throughout Luminato’s 10 days. Then, like the wind, it will disappear. The transformation of David Pecaut Square will become an annual Luminato event, with each new festival’s installation created by another of the world’s foremost architectural firms."



600 linear ft of 20 ft wide Ribbon suspended 30 ft in the air Encircling a 52 ft wide stage 12,000 square ft of Ribbon fabric Wrapped around 1,200 linear ft of specially designed aluminum pipe via 2,400 fasteners Attached to a 30 ft high supporting scaffold structure constructed from over 150,000 lbs of steel 15 tractor-trailer loads of scaffold arriving on site over the 10 days of construction

Weighted down with over 300,000 lbs of concrete ballast 14,000 square ft of fabric wrap to dress the steel scaffold structure


9 - 25ft tall choreographed Windsocks 9 - 11’ long windsocks rotating on dual axes supported by 2 single kilowatt motors 324 linear ft of structural I-beam legs supporting 200 ft of 5” heavy gauge Steel Pipe 9 - 36” fans pushing over 12,000 cubic feet of air per minute

The sixth edition of Luminato takes place from June 8–17, 2012. Tickets for all Luminato 2012 programs will be available for sale on April 14. For details, please visit

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Do you enjoy Luminato annually? Are you looking forward to this new annual installation? Can it become Toronto's Serpentine Pavilion? Let us know in the comments below!