UrbanToronto member dt_toronto_geek has brought us our first glimpse of the glazing at the north end of Burano on Bay Street at Grosvenor. The area in question is planned to be a café when all is said and done, and will feature a significant work by Italian artist Sandro Martini.

 the café gets its glazing.Burano's café gets its glazing, image by dt_toronto_geek, 2011.12.02

Perhaps it was too much to hope that the public space would be as horizontal-mullion-free as the rendering below would indicate, but the size of the massive glass panes shown was always a little too good to be true! Typically the renderings are created before final engineering design decisions have been made, but the practicalities of construction in this case should not dimish the quality of the finished spaces here, inside and out. We look forward to an evening next summer when we can get a photo showing the artwork installed and the café in business!

Burano condos Toronto, by Lanterra Developments, design by architectsAllianceBurano's café as rendered for Lanterra Developments by architectsAlliance

The work at street level is happening at a time when the Lanterra Developments project has topped out up above its 50th floor. UrbanToronto member MafaldaBoy caught this eastward looking image on November 25 of work underway on the mechanical penthouse atop the building.

Work progressing at the top of Burano condos Toronto by Lanterra DevelopmentsWork progressing at the top of Burano, image by MafaldaBoy, 2011.11.25

The completed project, designed by architectsAlliance, looks like this in a southwest-looking rendering:

Burano condos, Toronto, by architectsAlliance for Lanterra DevelopmentsBurano condominiums by architectsAlliance for Lanterra Developments

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