Then. Bloor Street East just east of Yonge, circa 1954. You'll know where exactly you see the Now picture below.

This is the "transferway" that allowed safe — ah, you thought I was going to say something else :) — passenger transfer from the the Yonge subway line to the Bloor streetcars.

Did I "do" this one already? I can't be sure. I'm sure you'll all let me know if I already have. :)  I have a queue of Then and Nows ready to post. Sometimes, I'll post a set out of order if it's topical to a discussion. I may have done that here.

Bloor and Yonge, Toronto, circa 1954

Now. May 2011. The former Crown Life Insurance Building (1953) is in both pictures — it's to the right of the Marriott. It now houses various tenants. Crown Life decamped to Regina in 1998 as part of its sale to  Canada Life and some considerations from the Saskatchewan government of the day.

Bloor and Yonge intersection, Toronto