Today's photo of the day presents an interesting view of the downtown skyline seen from the new Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residence, on Bay street just north of Bloor.

Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences by Lifetime Developments and MenkesImage by vegeta_skyline

The photo provides an opportunity to see downtown development from a different perspective; To the left of the Manulife Centre is the newly built Uptown Residences, 77 Charles Street can be seen poking out from behind One St. Thomas in the lower right hand corner, and the Burano project is continuing it's climb upwards further down Bay. First Canadian Place's new facelift looks great from here, and the dramatic roofline of the Trump Tower is taking shape beside the Scotia Plaza.

It's also interesting to note the nod to Art-Deco architecture that has been used at both One St. Thomas and the Uptown Residences; are you a fan of the revival and departure from glass-enclosed condominiums, or do you find it to be out of place in contemporary Toronto? Leave us a comment below and join the discussion!