Get over your Toronto complex, Canada; city museums at risk, despite denials; Bixi bike boss quits after bumpy ride; and more news form the internet.

Get over your Toronto complex, Canada (Globe & Mail)

City museums at risk, despite denials, Mihevc says (Globe & Mail)

‘Anonymous’ threatens cyber attack if city interferes with Occupy Toronto (Globe & Mail

Decision to separate ‘gay’ penguins sparks international outcry (Globe & Mail)

Cyclist’s death prompts call for mandatory truck side guards (Toronto Star)

‘Anonymous’ threat doesn’t faze Mayor Ford (Toronto Star)

Bixi bikes boss quits after bumpy ride (Toronto Star)

Attempt to spread Occupy protest to Queen’s Park fails (Toronto Star)

Posted Toronto Political Panel: As long as they’re peaceful, let the Occupiers stay (National Post)

Occupy Toronto camp ‘hypocrisy’ infuriates local businesses (National Post)

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