Construction continues southwest of Bremner and York where two new condo complexes are underway. Here, in this photo by UrbanToronto forum member wmedia, we see Infinity condos on the left at ground level, while Ïce condos are close behind on the right. 

Ïce Condominiums Toronto by Lanterra and Cadillac FairviewImage by wmedia

Infinity condos are being developed by The Conservatory Group. The 35 and 16-storey buildings are designed by E.I. Richmond Architects. Existing phases 1 and 2 are located just to the left in the photo. 

Ïce Condos consist of 67 and 57-storey towers which are being developed by Lanterra Developments in partnership with Cadillac Fairview. The design is by architectsAlliance. Here's what to expect from Ïce.

Ïce Condominiums Toronto by Lanterra and Cadillac Fairview

Interesting times in the southern part of the downtown core.