Then. c1916. Queen and John. SE corner. Picture sourced by wwwebster. The former 'Methodist Book Room' [old time nomenclature for a church publisher - which evolved down through the years into the present McGraw-Hill Ryerson Press]. Everyone still knows this as the City News Building - its owned by CTV now. It's visually noteworthy for its terracotta clad sides as opposed to the much more common and usual brick and quarried dressed stone for this 1913 era beauty. Terracotta could be moulded into whatever whimsical taste appealed or pocketbook allowed - a walkaround of the outside delights the eye. The sound of keyboards tapping out 'terracotta' in Google will soon follow this post - I'll let y'all do your own research. 'Breakfast Television' broadcast from this location up until a couple or so years ago. One of the charming aspects for viewers was the street level activity of Queen street outside the studio windows. One of my sons, an aspiring chef at the time, had a segment with Dina Pugliese just before the moveout to Dundas Square.

Queen and John, Toronto, 1916

Now. June 2011.

Queen and John, Toronto, 2011