We have known for a while that Studio, the 31-storey condominium tower on Richmond from Aspen Ridge Homes, would be joined by a big sister. Today, the curtains come off the 41-storey sibling Studio 2, and the stacked-box Quadrangle Architects design for the shorter tower, here reaches for the sky.

Studio 2 condos arrive on Richmond St. Toronto, by Aspen Ridge HomesStudio 2 arrives on Richmond, image courtesy of Aspen Ridge Homes

UrbanToronto has added 17 new renderings of the taller tower to the Studio entry in our dataBase. The new renderings show Studio 2 inside and out, from street level to the rooftop terrace to the skyline presence, featuring Quadrangle's architecture, Mike Niven's interior design, and The Brand Factory's art direction. Check out the extensive amenities with the tall, dark and sexy aesthetic, and the original renderings following behind, in the dataBase entry linked below!