A strong storm hit Toronto on Wednesday evening. Huge buckets of rain came crashing at Rogers' Don Mills studios during my appearance on the Inside Toronto Real Estate show. At that same time a second Urban Toronto team was checking out a party for Minto's The St Thomas. While at the party Urban Toronto writer Nigel Terpstra was able to catch the following Photo Of The Day.

One St Thomas condos by Robert A.M. Stern ArchitectsPhoto by Nigel Terpstra

Angry clouds that are getting ready to let go a torrent of rain making for a great photo. The addition of One St Thomas condos in the picture, which is located across the street from The St Thomas, is also a nice touch. Designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, the 29 storey super luxury condo is one of our favourite new additions to midtown in recent years. 

At the end of the Inside Toronto Real Estate show I made my way home. When I exited King Station I noticed everything was dry. The massive storm missed King and Yonge entirely.