Concord Adex's latest phase at their CityPlace project is Quartz, standing 41 storeys tall on Dan Leckie Way just north of the Gardiner Expressway, and UrbanToronto has a detailed look at a building we have only seen in passing so far.

We know how much many of you love condo renderings, but we know how seldom it is that you get a highly detail filled look at them. Typically these images are created at 3000 pixels wide - give or take a thousand pixels - but if you were checking them out at most other places on the internet, you might think that 300 pixels wide was more the norm. Read us regularly, and you will know that our front page articles feature images at 750 pixels in width. While that's better than other sites normally run, it is still a lot less than original size, meaning that lots of detail in the original renderings tends to get lost. The artists at places like Designstor, where these renderings were created, have likely gotten used to much of their painstaking work being overlooked because of the reductions, but at UrbanToronto we like to find the pictures-in-the-pictures, and carve them out for you to ogle. Let's see what we can learn about Quartz that we did not know before.

First, Quartz in context: the elevated Gardiner runs just south of Housey Street, the access road seen below. Canoe Landing Park is seen across Dan Leckie Way to the east.

This is a rendering of Concord Adex's CityPlace project called Quartz

Close-up on the Quartz complex; 41 storey tower and 6 storey amenity building, designed by RAW, with Page + Steele / IBI Group making sure it will stand up.

This is a close-up rendering of Concord Adex's CityPlace project called Quartz

Let's look closer at parts of the project, starting with the amenity building. Landscape architecture at Quartz is by du Toit Allsopp Hillier.

This is a close-up of the rec centre at Concord Adex's Quartz

Here's how the tower meets the street.

This is a close-up of the street entrance at Concord Adex's Quartz

At the top we see both clear and tinted glass panels along the roof edge, and running down the southeast edge of the tower. It looks like that may be the case on the northwest vertical edge as well.

This is a close-up of the top of Concord Adex's Quartz tower.

Here's Quartz's lobby. Interior design at Quartz has been crested by RAW in consultation with Figure3.

This is a rendering of Concord Adex's Quartz' lobby

A closer look reveals some of the detail near the concierge desk.

This is a rendering of Concord Adex's Quartz' concierge desk

Here's Quartz's indoor pool.

This is a rendering of Concord Adex's Quartz' indoor pool.

Zeroing in on the view into the courtyard reveals an outdoor hot tub.

This is a rendering of Concord Adex's Quartz' hot tub.

Concord CityPlace now has a Facebook page. You can visit it here.

Quartz's first 200 suites have sold out quickly. A final release is coming shortly. If you are interested, Concord Adex will happily take a registration here.

What's your take in Quartz? leave a comment here, or click on the link below to join in the discussion in UrbanToronto's thread for the project.

This article was originally published in forum thread: CityPlace: Quartz (Blocks 33 & 37, Housey St @ Dan Leckie Way, Concord Adex, 41s)