We are back at One Bedford, the 32-storey luxury condo project by Lanterra Developments on Bloor Street across from Varsity Stadium. The project is in its final stages with work now being executed on such features as the basins for the courtyard landscaping. We have been wondering about that courtyard for months now, ever since the heritage John Lyle Studio facade was reassembled at the base of the modern tower. Frankly, the facade has looked awkward, out-of-place, and overwhelmed by the sheer size of the project that now surrounds it. Renderings that are brand new to us however, are now leading us to consider if the plan actually will all pull together once the landscaping is in place.

This is what the courtyard and Lyle heritage facade look like now...

This is a photo of One Bedford's controversial facade with the John Lye Studio.image by Craig White

This is a close-up of the John Lyle Studio segmentimage by Craig White

...and here are the renderings that are now giving us some hope: throw some objects into the mix - trees specifically - whose scale compliments that of the facade, and the facade doesn't look so forlorn suddenly.

This is a rendering of the courtyard for the One Bedford projectimage courtesy of KPMB Architects

image courtesy of KPMB Architectsimage courtesy of KPMB Architects

Of course it may take years for the trees to fill out enough to achieve the effect above, so here's hoping that the condo board will make sure that the courtyard does not suffer from any neglect. Some tender-loving-green-thumbery could save the day here. Below is the landscape plan, looking down on all of rooftops of the site. The ground level area we are considering in these photos is in the middle-left area of the plan below, along Bedford of course.

This is a rendering of One Bedford's rooftop plans.image courtesy of KPMB Architacts/Corban & Goode

Recent work has included the glazing beng applied to the walkway from the sidewalk to the front door. Spaces for gardens - (are there any water features hidden amongst the greenery?) - are now in place. One Bedford's landscape plan is by Bruce Corban of Corban and Goode, who do not have a website.

This photo shows the open air fireplace at One Bedford's entranceimage by Craig White

There is a fireplace facing the courtyard in the photo above. It's double-sided, facing the lobby as well.

This photo is a close-up of the fireplace at One Bedforimage by Craig White

To end off, an obligatory look at a rendering, this one watercoloury, of the finished project. One Bedford is designed by KPMB Architects.

This watercolour rendering of the finished exterior of One Bedford Condoimage courtesy of KPMB Architects

There has been a lot of criticism of the heritage facade's placement at One Bedford on UrbanToronto. Do the new renderings make you feel any better about it, or are you still skeptical? Maybe you never bought in with the criticism in the first place. Let us know where your thoughts are by leaving a comment here, or click on the link below to join in the discussion in UrbanToronto's thread for this project.

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