If you are not a fan of change, Toronto is not the city for you: there seems to barely be a day that goes by without an announcement of new project here. While much of our new growth replaces surface parking lots which nobody will miss, other times existing buildings must make way for new ones. Which buildings come down, which ones end up as incorporated facades, and which are saved more fully - possibly being converted for contemporary use - is a hot topic in a city that has lost much of its significant built heritage. 

Two announcements were made in Toronto on Tuesday which mean that existing buildings will come down. On Charles Street East across from Casa and beside BSN, Cresford Developments- the builder of those two properties - has announced that they will be developing a new 64-storey condominium where the YMCA's current 9-stroey office building stands at 42 Charles East. Seen in the Google Streetview image below, little kerfuffle is expected regarding the loss of this building.

42 Charles Street East in Toronto by Cresford Developments.42 Charles Street East, image from google images.

Further south however, 90 Harbour Street is not likely to go so quietly. While many people do not find the former Workmen's Compensation Board Building attractive, there are many who do value the 1953-built modern classical 5-storey building. As a provincial property, which also served as the headquarters of the Ontario Provincial Police from 1975 to 1989, the City did not have the authority to list it as a heritage property, a listing that would have given the building a better chance of survival. The government now wants to sell the property for redevelopment, and a demolition permit has been applied for. Will the City approve the demolition? Will the heritage community rally?

90 Harbor Street in Toronto by menkes.90 Harbor Street in Toronto, image form google images.

90 Harbor Street in Toronto by Menkes.90 Harbor Street, image by drum118.

What are your feelings about these two properties?