Lanterra's latest Bay Street address is Burano, located on the second block north of College Street, and right across from Lanterra's two-tower Murano Condominiums, completed in the last year. Burano promises a spectacular glassed in north end according to the renderings, and thanks to a number of UrbanToronto photographers, we are now getting an inkling of how this space is being realized. UrbanToronto member dt_toronto_geek recently captured this shot of the work so this space so far.

Burano Condos in Toronto by Lanterra Developments and architectsAllianceimage by dt_toronto_geek

Below is how the renderings picture the finished space, and while they tell us a lot, the details are always somewhat different when compared with finished work. While the cantilevered roof is shown clearly now (above), we have yet to see how the glass and the frames below will look in reality. And how will the dramatically coloured public art look when installed? We will watch this building with much anticipation.

Burano Condos in Toronto by Lanterra Developments and architectsAlliance

Both projects are designed by Peter Clewes of archtiectsAlliance. To see more recent photos of the project from a variety of angles, click the link below to visit the original thread.