Just a little shrine to Toronto's eclectic set of street signage before many are converted over to those new signs with the (from what I've seen so far) rather cheap-looking, early 90s clipart style neighborhood fonts and logos. I think these are most of them, at least from what I've captured over the past 10 years or so (I know I'm missing some older ones from before I moved here, like the old St. Lawrence sign, etc.)... Please add any others!

West End:

Street signs from the west endStreet signs from the west end

East End:

Street signs from the east endStreet signs from the east end


Street signs from uptownStreet signs from uptown


Street signs from downtownStreet signs from downtown


Street signs from EtobicokeStreet signs from Etobicoke


Street signs from YorkStreet signs from York

North York:

Street signs from North YorkStreet signs from North York


Street signs from ScarboroughStreet signs from Scarborough

Some Commemorations:

Commemorative signsCommemorative signs

General Typology:

General typology of Toronto signsGeneral typology of Toronto signs


Directional signsDirectional signs