The City Of Toronto has long been planning to build much a needed four-arena skating facility in the Port Lands. The original concept consisted of four arenas and 440 parking spots all on ground level. The design was much derided as many felt the design violated the spirit of the plans for the entire waterfront area as it was redeveloped. Enter Plan B.

Port Lands Sports Complex TorontoFour level, four arena sports complex

The new design, by Bob Goyeche of RDH Architects Inc., shows an all-glass 8 storey building with the four arenas stacked on top of each others. We love the design though there certainly are many questions. The 34 million dollar price tag for the original is surely not going to be enough for this version so where will the extra money come from? And then there's the logistics of moving lots of people, many with large bags full of equipment, in and out in good time. As a site that focuses on architecture and urban issues we sure hope Plan B is the one that succeeds. Additional discussion can be found here.