Yesterday UrbanToronto started off our Daily Poll with a look at the proposals for the new North Market building across from The St. Lawrence Market. While voting remains open on that poll, the Red scheme currently leads with nearly half of the votes, while the Orange scheme follows with about a quarter of all votes cast. The Green scheme has captured the hearts of a fifth of those who voted, while Blue and Yellow trail badly.

Will the jury agree with UrbanToronto's assessment? We will know later this summer! Today we present the first two of the buildings up for this year's Pug Awards, and we hope you will take the time to vote for them; both here, and at the Pug Awards' official site. Our take on the Pugs is an experiment to see how our results will compare to the official results. The difference is that the official Pug Awards give you three choices: Love It, Like It, or Hate It. Based on suggestions from our members, we will give you five points along the continuum to register your feelings: Love It, Like It, Neutral, Dislike It, Hate It. Will that be too many options, or will that make voting easier? Please come back on a daily basis to register your thoughts! Please click on the linked name of the building below to view more images and to read a description of the building and those who had a hand in building it. 100 Yorkville at Bellair Please vote at the Pugs, and then come Vote Here to register your UrbanToronto Pug vote too!

100 Yorkville at Bellair Condominiums Toronto by Invar Building Corporation100 Yorkville at Bellair Condominiums by Invar Building Corporation