We recently profiled plans for a new 39 storey office building the Government of Ontario is planning to build at 880 Bay Street. We even had some preliminary renderings created by &Co to showcase.



Ont Gov't building at 880 Bay, Renderings created by &Co

Notice has been made that this development is going to the March 8 meeting of the Toronto-East York Community Council for discussion and approval. The full report to the council can be found here. The report indicates the development will consist of a 39-storey building (plus a one-storey 12-metre mechanical penthouse) with a non-residential gross floor area (NRGFA) of approximately 80,662 square metre (867,808 square feet). The proposed height is 175 metres (574 feet) to the top of the mechanical penthouse. After the Aura Condo, this will be the tallest building in the Bay-College area. The report contains elevations that show a more streamlined (boring?) building than proposed in the above renderings. We do like that the building has been pushed right to the corner of Bay and Grosvenor. Here are the various elevations and site plans.

North elevation: 

West elevation: 

East elevation: 

South elevation: 

Site Plan: 

880 Bay Street's relationship with the University of Toronto and its Secondary Plan: 

Site zoning along with zoning of the nearby neighbourhood: 

Ont Gov't building at 880 Bay, Site Plans and Elevations

Now comes an interesting question. Most of the provincial buildings around Queens Park are named after former Premiers. Ferguson, Hearst, Hepburn, Mowat, MacDonald, Whitney and Frost come to mind. Davis or Robarts Blocks are two that certainly deserve a look. We however have a better idea. How about Harris Block? There would be a certain sense of irony in naming a massive new government building after someone who tried to shrink the very same government that is planning this building. What do you think?

author: buildup

posted: 2010-03-01 12:50:02