What a heart-breaking map, and a welcome antidote for those of us (and I'm guilty as charged) who bemoan the loss of the "good old days". I've noticed while visiting cemetaries such as the one on Roselawn east of Chaplin Crescent the number of tiny gravestones, most often off to the side, of children who died quite young.

 Infant Death Map 1920Infant Death Map 1920

It's no coincidence that the heaviest concentration of infant mortality was centred on old Cabbagetown, an area that would be swept away a generation later (often argued on the basis of public health) through the redevelopment of Regent Park and Moss Park. More curious is the concentration SW of Bathurst and College, which was probably due to the high population of the area at the time. Thanks to forum member thedeepend for the map image.