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Uptown Residences, The 
35 Balmuto St., Toronto
Developer: Pemberton Group

Uptown Residences, The | ?m | 48s | Pemberton | Burka

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by DaninToronto2, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. I dont see a thread that would be appropriate to put this, but I thought it was interesting.

    Uptown begins construction in May (Yeah right).

    Also Crystal Blue is now 75% sold, and begins construction on April 15th when the sales centre closes.

    So it looks like both will be rising at the exact same time. Should make for a good race to the top.

  2. joeto11

    joeto11 Guest

  3. ganjavih

    ganjavih Guest

    Something's already going down on Balmuto. Looks like they've started construction on something... I didn't take a close enough look to see what was going on.
  4. alklay

    alklay Guest

    Blue (is that still its name?) is suppose to be starting construction now.
  5. Is it any harder to dig in late February / early March than it is at other times of the year? I'm embarassed to say I have no idea if the ground freezes here.
  6. If a hydraulic excavator can chew up reinforced concrete I'm sure a bit of frozen dirt isn't much of a problem.
  7. blixa442

    blixa442 Guest

    Road and sidewalk repairs.
  8. Mike in TO

    Mike in TO Guest

    Saw this old shot on flickr

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  9. Bogtrotter

    Bogtrotter Guest

    Never seen the old theatre from above before - pretty neat. I also didn't realize there was actual greenspace between the two Manu towers.
  10. braddale

    braddale Guest

    Will the Uptown crack the 500 ft mark?

    That is going to be one very dense area in the near future, and I can only imagine if 1 Bloor East was to go up too!
  11. Ouch. Seeing that photo hurts. I had that similar view for about 10 years when I lived in the Plaza II apartments where I suspect that photo was taken from. I still can't believe that place is gone.
    Onward & upward.
  12. joeto11

    joeto11 Guest

    Uptown will be 518 feet
  13. J0n0001

    J0n0001 Guest

    Uptown will begin construction May 1, 2007.
  14. ganjavih

    ganjavih Guest

    Thanks for the info, mysterious newbie.
  15. urbanboyto

    urbanboyto Guest

    it is interesting that the theatre had that long extension just to have the narrow entrance on Yonge. Can you imagine a theatre doing such a thing today? It would be interesting to hear the history of that. Yes it is too bad the Uptown is no more. :-(

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